We promote everything you do, branded to you, wherever users are looking.

We guide users to all of your resources.


When patrons are searching for items and services that you offer,
we'll redirect them to you.

  •  Inventory: easy integration with your ILS and vendors
  •  Programs: users opt in to notifications for events they enjoy
  •  Services: custom keywords and channels help users find you



A fully white-label solution


We do the legwork, you get the credit. Even items from your vendors will be shown as coming from you.

  •  ebooks, audiobooks, and more all appear in our bar
  •  No more need to direct patrons to external websites
  • Customize our bar with your logo, colors, and style




Not just the library site: side-by-side with retailers


We keep library resources just a click away on Amazon, Wikipedia, Barnes and Nobles, IMBD, and others. For example:

  •  If a movie isn't on Netflix, we'll suggest a library copy
  •  On genealogy sites, we'll promote your local history center
  •  We'll offer online job seekers your interview prep and resume help



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