We help you find what you want, when you want it, for free.

The library offers a lot for free—the challenge is finding it.


Don't worry about searching catalogs and databases for the stuff you care about. We'll find it for you.

  •  Reserve or download items with just one click
  •  Event recommendations based on your interests
  •  Reminders and easy renewals when your items are due



Don't open that new tab


If you're looking at an item on any of our supported sites, we'll find it for you at the library.

  •  Choose where we work: Amazon, IMDB, Wikipedia, and more
  •  We'll search for you—leave catalogs to librarians
  •  Don't see something you want? KOIOS lets you ask the library to buy it.




Use for free—just like the library


We offer our service for free through participating libraries.

If we don't serve your library yet, you can still download KOIOS to find items in the public domain legally for free.

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