Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Koios bar work for everything the library offers?

Currently, the bar works only for books, ebooks, and audiobooks. If you love the bar, please rate us! Positive reviews will allow us to add better support for eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and music.

When will my book be ready if I get it through the Koios bar?

If the item is available, holds are usually ready within 24 hours.
If the item is checked out or on hold already, you will be placed on a waiting list.
The library can usually email or text you when your hold is ready--just make sure your email and/or mobile number are in your account profile.

What happens if I place a hold?

A librarian will pull the item from the shelf for you and have it waiting when you arrive. Just ask at the information desk. Give it about a day before you go in.

How long can I keep a library book?

A book is checked out for 21 days.
If there are no other requests, you can usually renew 3-5 times.

How can I offer suggestions for improvement?

Email us at We love to hear from our users!

How can I bring Koios to my library?

If you don't see your library in our list, email us at Make sure to let a local librarian know that you're interested. That can speed up the process exponentially.


If your question wasn't answered here, you can Tweet to us at @koioslib or email us at We'll be happy to assist.

If you've encountered a problem, we're sorry! Tell us about it below and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again.