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Welcome to KOIOS!

We make it as easy to borrow as to buy. Here's how:

1. While you're shopping on Amazon.com (or looking at a book on Google) KOIOS will check the library for you.

2. If it's available, we'll let you know! You can reserve or download by clicking the "Reserve" button. "Place Hold" will add you to the waiting list for the next available copy.


3. Click our logo in the toolbar to access your settings. Try it now to choose your library! 

When you've saved your settings, search for your first book on Amazon (or try one of our favorites).

Sharing us with a friend? Tell them to visit koios.co/download.

An important note on data:

All KOIOS data is protected and anonymous. We do not have access to your Amazon account information. If you have other questions or comments, please reach out at info@koios.co. We hope you enjoy KOIOS!