Koios is not currently hiring. However, we are frequently in need of good people to fill the positions described below. If you think you're a good fit, tell us why in an email to info at koios dot co and include your resume and LinkedIn/Github profile. We'll keep your info on file for our next open position.

About the company

Koios is a library software startup on a mission: make borrowing online as easy as buying. As part of that mission, we help libraries show up in local Google search results. We do this with a combination of linked data, search engine optimization, and paid search marketing. Our work has been featured in American Libraries Magazine, Information Today, and LibUX. In hiring, we look for fellow lifelong learners with energy, integrity, and intelligence. Our team is based in Columbia, SC and Washington, DC. Remote work is OK. 


TECHNICAL Job Openings

Backend Developer (Contract / Part-time)

We need help growing and maintaining a database of every public library's holdings across the country. This database powers our cutting-edge library applications, including Libre, Libre Lists, and Free My Wishlist.

Extra credit if you:

  • Have worked with bibliographic data (especially MARC, Z39.50, and/or link resolvers)
  • Have hacked your ILS or discovery layer to do something useful for patrons
  • Are familiar with next-gen library data projects (BIBFRAME, Library.Link, LODLAM)
  • Are comfortable with our stack (Apache, PHP, MySQL, bonus: AngularJS)

Since the code you write will comprise a core part of our product, you'll work closely with Koios' founders (you'll have our cell phone numbers and can call at any time), and you'll have significant input in the future of the business.


BUSINESS Job Openings

People Person

We're looking for someone to help us get the word out to libraries in the US and Canada. Extra credit if you:

  • Know how to manage a drip email campaign
  • Genuinely enjoy talking on the phone
  • Have used a CRM before

Ad Wonk

We're looking for someone to make our paid search campaigns for libraries run even better. Extra credit if you:

  • Know how to set up Google Analytics events
  • Have managed Google Ad Grants in the past
  • Are Google Adwords Certified 

Rabble Rouser

We're looking for someone to tip a few library sacred cows and gain attention for one wee startup in the process. Extra credit if you:

  • Run/ran a blog with 1000 subscribers or more
  • Contributed to any blogs or publishers we read
  • Have been the target of at least one snarky response post

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