Libre Lists

Lists is a flexible tool that enables you to build attractive digital displays in 5 minutes or less. Upload your own design, or use any of our professionally designed templates. Import materials from your catalog and embed results anywhere.

With lists, you can:

  • Appear in Google search results like "Best books for entrepreneurs"
  • Promote a book club via social media
  • Showcase staff picks and new arrivals
  • Respond to readers' advisory requests

Lists can be used as a standalone product, or in conjunction with any other Koios products and services. You can also integrate Lists with major ILS and e-resource providers for live availability information and streamlined checkouts.


Free my Wishlist!

Free my Wishlist is a project by Koios to quickly check your Amazon wishlist against the library's collection. Check books out straight from your results, or save the list for future reference. Coming this summer.

Future releases will allow you to import Goodreads shelves and see live availability information.

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