How much can the library save you?

Just how much can you save by using the library? Recently, we at KOIOS decided that we wanted to find out. Using the KOIOS extension, we quickly cross-referenced our CEO's Amazon wishlist with our local library's collection. Here are the stats:

Out of 690 unique book searches (yeah, he's kind of a nerd):

  • 86 were at our library (about 1/8)

  • 59 of those were available now (nearly 70%!)

If he were to borrow all of those books from the library instead of buying the cheapest used option on Amazon, he would save $599.93, or an average of $6.98 per book.

Here are some other interesting tidbits we discovered:

  • Fiction had the highest percentage in the library (25.81%) and also the highest number available now (75%).
  • Business had the highest average savings ($10.06), since business books are still pricey even when buying used.

We found that using the Koios extension made a big difference for a couple of reasons:

  1. KOIOS found an exact match at the library, not a list to scan through.
  2. KOIOS checks every book--not just the ones you would think to look for at the library. Sometimes the library will surprise you. It definitely surprised us!
  3. A KOIOS search is lightning fast. We opened a dozen tabs at a time or more, all with different books, and results still popped up in seconds.


Want to see how much of your wishlist is at the library?
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