Washoe County Library launches Koios

We're pleased to announce that Koios is available at Washoe County Library. Patrons using public internet computers will see results from the library on Google and Amazon, and can download Koios on their personal computers for free from koios.co/download.

“We want people to easily find the library’s resources,” says WCLS Internet Services Librarian John Andrews. “People are already using Amazon to discover new books and authors. Offering Koios to our users brings us closer to our goal of connecting with our users online, where they already are.”

To read the library's press release, click here.


Are you excited about Koios? Want to know when we're coming to your library? Give us a shout at @koioslib. Or if you're a librarian and want to make it easy to find your resources, you can learn more about Koios on our For Libraries page: http://www.koios.co/for-libraries/.