KOIOS interviewed live on Startup Buzz

Koios CEO Trey Gordner recently joined Tia Williams at Craft and Draft for Startup Buzz, a live broadcast interview program. Tia, a fellow enterpreneur, is the founder of Midlands Anchor, a digital publication that seeks to unite and transform the Midlands of South Carolina.

In the interview, Trey notes the importance of community for business owners, with his own library spin:

“The whole purpose of the library is the idea that you don’t know everything, there are certain things that will make you a better person, and those things should be available to everyone,” he said. “That ties to community as well. I don’t know everything there is to know about running this business, and I don’t know who is going to be able to make a connection that really matters.”

To read the rest of the Midlands Anchor interview summary, head to http://www.midlandsanchor.com/koios-founder-offers-advice-for-aspiring-entrepreneurs/.

Or you can watch the full interview at https://www.facebook.com/midlandsanchor/videos/1046233948782248/.

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