Koios CEO interviewed on Eastern Foundry's "Students v. Startups" Podcast

Image courtesy of Eastern Foundry

Image courtesy of Eastern Foundry

Koios CEO Trey Gordner answered tough questions from Georgetown students last week in a rapid-fire interview. The exchange is part of a partnership between Georgetown University and Eastern Foundry, a collaborative workspace that offers government contractors the insight and resources they need to succeed in the federal market. Questions ranged from product and business strategy to why libraries carry so many romance novels (hint: they're popular). Here's one quote that summarizes the Koios advantage for collection development:

What we want to do is empower librarians to develop their collections in a way that’s not just on intuition—even though that’s quite good among collection development librarians—but that they have data to reinforce those decisions.
— Trey Gordner, Koios CEO

You can find the full 12-minute segment on Eastern Foundry's blog.

If you're a librarian who's eager to "take the fight to Amazon," as Trey puts it, get in touch at info@koios.co.
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