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Chattanooga Public Library

Chattanooga Public Library has partnered with library software startup Koios to make their materials visible in Google search results. CPL is one of the first libraries to implement Libre, Koios' search optimization platform for libraries.

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Koios CEO Trey Gordner wrote a guest blog for Webjunction about how libraries can get $10,000 a month in Google Ads for free. If you’re excited about Ad Grants, but the prospect of managing them seems daunting, join the Library Search Marketing Roundtable

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Trey Gordner and Stephen Bateman from Koios design services that amplify the discoverability and searchability of libraries with real emphasis on the end-user experience. In this episode, Trey Gordner and Stephen Bateman from Koios join Amanda and Michael to chat about startup opportunities in this space, the opportunity and danger of “interface aggregation,” the design of their new service Libre OPS, and more.

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American Libraries Magazine

In the latest "Solutions" column of American Libraries Magazine, Koios received a stellar review from Washoe Library. Jennifer Oliver, Public Information Officer, writes that Koios is "an example of how the role of a library can easily be integrated into our daily lives," adding that the digital add-on "complements the standard brick-and-mortar library experience." What did Jennifer think the main benefit of Koios was for users? "Convenience!"

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Midlands Anchor

Koios CEO Trey Gordner recently joined Tia Williams at Craft and Draft for Startup Buzz, a live broadcast interview program. Tia, a fellow enterpreneur, is the founder of Midlands Anchor, a digital publication that seeks to unite and transform the Midlands of South Carolina.

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Washoe County Library

We're pleased to announce that Koios is available at Washoe County Library. Patrons using public internet computers will see results from the library on Google and Amazon, and can download Koios on their personal computers for free from koios.co/download.

To read the library's press release, click here.


How to turn phone-aholics and others into library book readers and gung-ho patrons, if they aren't already? One answer is greater visibility for libraries on the Web and elsewhere. That's what Koios, Trey Gordner's company, is about.

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