Libre Ads

Koios uses Google Ads as “first result insurance, ” making sure that you're on top for book-related searches. With Libre Ads, you can also promote the other resources you care about: services, programs, and databases. We help you qualify for in-kind advertising grants from Google to fund this effort.

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Search Audits

Do your addresses, phone numbers, and hours appear correctly on Google? What about Yelp? These are some of the most common library-related searches, and you may be losing patrons if nothing shows up. Koios will run an audit of your search presence, report back on errors, and help you to make corrections.

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Managed Campaigns

Getting started with Google AdWords can be daunting. And once you begin, paid search requires continuous maintenance and optimization, drawing staff time away from other important priorities. Koios will consider your goals, set up proven campaigns from other libraries on your behalf, and continue to manage them over time.


Paid Search Consultation

If you feel comfortable with AdWords, but are looking for a second opinion, our Koios consultants can help. We will benchmark your Ad Rank, Spend, Campaign Structure, and Engagement metrics against our partner library data and offer recommendations for improvement. We also help new and experienced libraries expand their budget through Google Ad Grants.