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Libre is a search platform specially designed for libraries. We analyze your holdings and link them to common, relevant keyword searches in your service area. As a result, your materials can appear side-by-side with Amazon and Wikipedia in local Google search results.

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Better Discovery through Better Design

When a searcher clicks on one of your Google results, they see a landing page like this. Libre book detail pages are built according to Google's best practices: mobile-friendly design, fast load times, and a consistent crawlable structure. Libre is a beautiful, modern web app for the library, able to stand confidently alongside Netflix and Spotify. It's all part of our commitment to deliver what users expect.

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Made for First Impressions

Because Libre results can be seen by anyone in your community, we pay special attention to onboarding. New library users see instructions on how to sign up for a card, plus any specific requirements for the item they're viewing.



Readers' advisory staff can enhance Libre with curated recommendations. If the first item is on hold, you can still help your patron to discover a new favorite. You can also integrate this section with Libre Lists or another recommender system.


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