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“What a fantastic idea! I flip back and forth between the library website and the Amazon site all of the time. Thanks to you and your team for keeping the library’s resources fresh.”
— Washoe Library patron / KOIOS user

Library materials are effectively in the dark web. 
KOIOS finds them for you.

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Any Page

Right now, results from the library only appear on their websites. We add them to search engines like Google, online stores like Amazon, and pop knowledge sites like IMDB and Wikipedia through a product called Libre.

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Every Resource

The library isn't just for books anymore. KOIOS gives you one-click access to everything it has to offer: books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies, and even services like online courses.

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One Download

Like an app, KOIOS updates automatically. We regularly add new sites, new libraries and other options suggested by our users. Want to start using KOIOS? Head to our download page.