We help public libraries improve their online visibility. We do it by going to the same place people try first when they need information: Google. Our product, Libre Ads, helps libraries engage with their communities by making them appear first in a Google search result.

Libraries often struggle to spread the word about premium databases, programs, and innovative services. Meanwhile, people in your community ask Google for help every day with questions like:

  • What's the best way to learn Spanish?

  • Which books should I be reading with my child?

  • Where can I find help filling out this job application?

Your library has the answers, right? With Libre Ads, you show up first in local Google searches:


search: ‘good summer reading’

You show up first.

Advertising? We don’t have enough room in our budget for that.

Okay, but Google offers Ad Grants to non-profits (that's you) of $10,000 a month in advertising credit. We'll help you apply — for free. Then, you can manage the grant yourself, or sign up with us. The grant is yours, and the advertising itself is free; you pay us to help you use it effectively.

What exactly does Koios do?

  1. We help you apply for the grant, usually a two-week turnaround.

  2. We set up campaigns based on your priorities. Let's say you want to promote your language learning resources. We set it up so that your ad pops up when someone in your area types in 'learn spanish'.

  3. We help you keep the grant. Google has program requirements, we keep you in compliance.

  4. We look for improvements. By analyzing Google searches and marketing data we can adjust your campaigns to better reach the people who are looking for what you have.

And does it work?

Ask Washoe County Library System--they increased their Brainfuse usage by 33% after just one month.

I’m part-convinced.

Okay, look at this one-page flyer

How do I learn more?

Read our FAQs page for more details, and Contact Us to see examples of successful libraries.

New to Advertising? Read our Introduction to Online Advertising white-paper.

Meet some of our clients:

“We want to be where our patrons are online. Koios is taking us there.”
— Corinne Hill, Director, Chattanooga Public Library

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