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Libre: SEO for Libraries

With Libre, a Google search for "way of kings" in your area shows "Get it free from your library" in the results.

How frustrating is it that your community spends millions of dollars on learning and entertainment every year, not realizing that the library carries almost all of it for free?

We solve this awareness problem with a new approach to library outreach: SEO. Libre uses structured data and digital marketing to teach search engines that free and local really is the best result.


Search Marketing (Paid Search)

Make your services and databases more discoverable.

Libre promotes materials in Google search, but what about services and databases? We develop paid search campaigns that can double or triple your usage. Tell everyone who searches "learn spanish" in your area about Mango Languages. Make Brainfuse result #1 for "math tutor." Koios can help you rank for thousands of important keywords, connecting residents with free library resources right when they need them.

And the best part? Libraries get $10,000/month in AdWords for free.

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Libre Labs

Our latest experiments in online library promotion.

Libre Labs is where we showcase some of our work-in-progress. Read about Lists, our forthcoming app that helps you turn your collection into snackable, shareable chunks. Also coming soon: "Free my Wishlist," a tool that lets you compare your Amazon wishlist with local library holdings. Sign up on the Labs page below for free early access to all of our library gizmos and gadgets.

“We want to be where our patrons are online. Koios is taking us there.”
— Corinne Hill, Director, Chattanooga Public Library

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